About Dental Safety First

Dr. V. Kim Kutsch, DMD. a founder of Dental Safety First saw a need for solutions to making Dental Offices safer for dentists, teams, and patients. This is especially true in the age of Pandemics, like the COVID19 threat existing today.

He knew that infectious harmful pathogens like COVID19 as well as various other viruses/bacteria and other microorganisms contaminate the aerosol from the high-speed drill and other chairside procedures. Unless contained, they could potentially infect a whole dental office within minutes.

Dr. V. Kim Kutsch, DDS.

A Brief History

Dr. Kutsch saw this same situation occur in the early 1980’s when the HIV virus was feared as an infectious disease. It was later determined the HIV virus was transmitted parentally, by sharing needles and unprotected sex. It became mandatory for dental professionals to wear surgical masks and gloves for all procedures.

How Dentists Can Respond to this Pandemic

Now we face an age of pandemics caused by respiratory born infection and transmission, and our standard of practice is changing again. Dental Safety First was established to provide dental professionals a reliable way of protecting themselves, their teams and their patients from aerosol transmitted infectious deceases. In controlling the aerosol and providing protection from infectious diseases, all the air in the operatory is continuously purified for all sorts of particulates (i.e. dust, mold, smoke, etc.) providing a clean and safe dental office environment.